How Much do you Know About Fashion? – The History of Fashion

The most controversial theme of living is called fashion, and it started the city of Paris. Paris is known as a luxurious place that is full of elegance and grace. Some may say why fashion started in Paris when it could have started in another country? But the thing that they don’t know is that great artists who created fashion were born and raised from Paris.

The first fashion designer and the first spectacular artist in the world who made a very successful masterpiece is none other than Charles Frederick Worth. His first masterpiece is his house that is built extraordinary with a very beautiful design and was named “The House of Worth.” Inside his house is where the magic begins – the designs, the dress, shirts, undergarments, and even jewelry. He was very successful. His design was loved in the whole country until the time when hi designs were introduced in the whole world.

Charles Worth became so popular, and he became wealthy. Even though he became successful and rich in life, he didn’t forget where he came from and who who helped him in achieving this kind of life. His designs were all sold out. But meanwhile, so many people who also want to become a designer emerged, and it was the start of the “The Fashion Industry” empire. But life has its end and no one lives forever, and so death came to Charles Worth on March 10, 1895. Charles Worth may no longer around today, but he left humankind with great legacy, with great memories, and one of the greatest things that he left is the amazing thing called Fashion. Without his invention, creation, and imagination, we won’t have this kind of luxury of self-expression through fashion.